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We Look Forward to Seeing You!

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Your tour request has made it's way to us and we're excited to meet with you.

Just a few helpful notes: 

* We've found its best for couples to have a good understanding of their guest count and budget prior to coming onsite for a tour. We know you're excited and we want you to enjoy that time together, but we also know that it's no fun (for you or us) if you fall in love with a space on a tour and the numbers don't work out. We would rather have that discussion now before you invest your time ad heart with us on a tour.

* Please invite anyone on the tour who needs to see the venue in person before you feel comfortable signing a contract. We aren't opposed to second tours, but have found its best to bring key people the first time around.

* Almost everything we discuss at a tour is on the website. We've found couples to be less overwhelmed by new information at tours if they (and their parents/family) take a good look at the site before arriving. That way you are just soaking in the space while you're here.

* Google Maps is sometimes a liar...please utilize the map to see the best way to get to us. We are NOT located on a dirt road--we promise!

* We do not hold dates without a contract and initial payment. Keep in mind that your preferred date may be booked between now and your tour date. We do our very best to keep the website up to date and we would encourage you to check and make sure we have a date that works for you prior to your tour. 

*If you need to reschedule or cancel your tour, please let us know as soon as possible. Like you, we are juggling schedules and it helps to know in advance if you can't make it. The best way is by texting 507-626-0356. 

* Finally, know that we want what's best for YOU and pledge to keep communication open and honest. We look forward to having you visit!

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